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Chiropractic Services in Windsor

Are You in Pain or Unable to Move Normally?

Pain and the inability to do the normal activities you love and need keep you from achieving total wellness and independence. Dr. Ronald W. Jones Chiropractic Centres wants to help you evaluate physical events that may limit your mobility and enjoyment of life. Visit us for chiropractic services in Windsor that can help with a range of problems, including:


  • Pain in Your Back, Lower Back or Neck after Sitting

  • Back Pain from Normal Activities or Sneezing and Coughing

  • Difficulty Turning Your Head

  • Numbness or Shooting Pains in Your Arms or Legs

  • Restricted Range of Motion

  • Injuries from Sports, Falls, Work or an Auto Accident

General Practice and Therapies to Help Everyone

Does your arm or leg feel numb from a pinched nerve? Dr. Ronald W. Jones Chiropractic Centres can free you from the neck and lower back pain with spinal decompression. Without surgery or drugs, chiropractic spinal decompression relieves the pressure and discomfort in your spine and neck caused by:

  • Disc Hernias and Bulges

  • Pinched Nerves

  • Sciatica

  • Cervical and Lumbar Pain

  • Post-surgical Low Back Syndrome

  • Post-surgical Neck Pain

Therapies for Carpal Tunnel and Injuries

Restore motion and relieve your discomfort with the gentle and tested techniques practiced by the professionals at Dr. Ronald W. Jones Chiropractic Centres. We return normal function to your soft tissues by releasing entrapped nerves and blood vessels that cause the pain and loss of motion of:

  • Carpal Tunnel

  • Sports Injuries

  • Repetitive Work Injuries

Products and Laser Treatments for Relief and Better Health

Dr. Ronald W. Jones Chiropractic Centres provides therapeutic products and laser therapies for safe, painless and effective healing. Our centres carry a wide array of orthotics for support and Biofreeze® pain relieving cream to aid therapy and pain relief. Dr. Ronald Jones also offers Theralase® therapeutic laser treatments that work on the cellular level to promote:

  • Tissue Regeneration and Rapid Cell Growth

  • Joint Mobility

  • Reduction of Inflammation and Pain

  • Increased Blood Flow for Tissue Repair

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