Promote Health & Well-Being with Massage Therapy in Windsor

Relaxation promotes healing both physically and mentally. It especially helps combat the many symptoms caused by stress. From lowering blood pressure and increasing blood flow to major muscles to reducing muscle tension and lowering fatigue, relaxation benefits the whole body. One of the best methods to help you relax is massage therapy. Windsor residents with chronic pain issues, high blood pressure, and stress-related symptoms can turn to Dr. Ronald W. Jones Chiropractic Centres for deep tissue massage. This technique provides relief from stress and pain by working on deep layers of muscle, connective tissue, and pressure points. At our clinic, we use massage therapy to:

  • Relieve Severe Tension
  • Reduce Chronic Muscle Tension and Knots
  • Reduce Chronic Pain without Drugs
  • Increase Blood Flow and Oxygen Circulation
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Inflammation

Why Visit a Professional for Massage Therapy?

When it comes to massage therapy, experience is important, but so too is how you feel during your treatment. A massage therapist’s training and certifications tell you what kind of massage techniques they are familiar with and how long they have been practicing. However, you should also feel comfortable around the massage therapist. A good practitioner has excellent communication skills, a cordial manner, and good judgement on the kinds of treatments appropriate for your needs. At Dr. Ronald W. Jones Chiropractic Centres, you can trust that our therapists are not only well-trained, but friendly and approachable. Together we can see if massage therapy is right for you.

Talk to Dr. Ronald W. Jones Chiropractic Centres to schedule an appointment.

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